16kW Deye Hybrid Inverter

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  • A high-resolution LCD screen gives you all the information you need about your inverter.
  • IP65 protection degree.
  • DC couple and AC couple to retrofit existing solar system.
  • You can connect up to 16 Deye Inverters in parallel, making it possible to have AC output of up to 256kW with one input PV array!; Support multiple batteries parallel.
  • Max. charging/discharging current of 290A.
  • 6 time periods for battery charging/discharging.
  • Support storing energy from a diesel generator.
  • LCD Touch display and buttons, simple solar system for residential use.
  • Monitoring is possible via a web browser or mobile app, so you can see how your solar system is performing at any time.
  • The Deye inverter is a hybrid inverter that uses lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries.
  • It comes with a warranty of 5 years.

Technical Data.

  • Model: SUN-16K-SG01LP1-EU
  • Battery Type: Lead-acid or Li-lon.
  • Battery Voltage Range: 40-60V.
  • Max. Charging Current: 290A.
  • Max. Discharging Current: 290A.
  • UPS Power: 16000W.
  • External Temperature Sensor: Yes.
  • Charging Curve: 3 Stages / Equalization.
  • Charging Strategy for Li-Ion Battery: Self-adaption to BMS.

PV String Input Data.

  • Max. DC Input Power: 20800W.
  • Max. DC Input Voltage: 500V.
  • Start-up Voltage: 50V.
  • MPPT Range: 150-425V.
  • Rated DC Input Voltage: 370V.
  • PV Input Current: 26A+26A+26A.
  • Max. PV ISC: 44A+44A+44A.
  • Number of MPPT / Strings per MPPT: 3/2.

General Data.

  • Operating Temperature Range: -45~60º C, >45º C derating.
  • Cooling: Smart cooling.
  • Noise: <30 dB.
  • Communication with BMS: RS485; CAN.
  • Weight: 51.5kg.
  • Size: 464W×798.4H×300Dmm.
  • Protection Degree: IP65.
  • Installation Style: Wall-mounted.
  • Warranty: 5 years.
  • Max. Number of Parallel (PCS): 16.


  • Max. Efficiency: 97.60%.
  • Euro Efficiency: 96.50%.
  • MPPT Efficiency: 99.90%.
16kW Deye Hybrid Inverter

Original price was: R67,899.00.Current price is: R54,995.00.